Enterprise SMTP Service

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$1,299.00 / 12 months

For marketers who need more

Up to 500.000 Contacts & 1.500.000 Emails/mo
The right package for every size of a company.

After the purchase you will receive the access data by email.

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Up to 500.000 Contacts & 1.500.000 Emails/mo

  • Friendly email designer
  • Basic Templates
  • Email template library
  • A/B testing
  • Send time optimization
  • Retargeting ads
  • Landing page builder
  • Page tracking
  • Custom Domains
  • Free business email
  • Free software bulk email sending
  • 10+ seats
  • Managed setup and priority support
  • Deticated IP adresse
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Priority sending
  • SMTP server secure SSL/TLS Settings
  • SSO (SAML)

After the purchase you will receive the access data by email.
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15 reviews for Enterprise SMTP Service

  1. Nicholas Wilder

    EmailXender is a reliable, easy to use service for our SMTP needs. The management interface is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate even for beginners. It is also easy to scale up or down monthly with the service to meet the needs of our organization. EmailXender can easily handle high or low volume emails.

  2. Payton Huffman

    EmailXender has been great. There solution has not only worked great, it was amazing to see the statistics. It reduced our bounce backs significantly. Their service is affordable and setup was a breeze. Their customer service was very helpful.

  3. Dexter Hines

    Their service is rock solid. Support is excellent. All around great service!

  4. Billy Moon

    The service is great, but support is really great.

  5. Norman Saunders

    We have received excellent customer service. The program works well, and helps us maintain our database for new and current leads. the dashboard is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend this service.

  6. Arham Dickson

    This has been a very easy program to use and we are very happy with its performance, very seldom are we ever experiencing issues and we do they are rectified very quickly

  7. Emanuel O’Moore

    EmailXender is the easiest, most affordable way to send alerts and email from any type of environment or device.

  8. Kim Newman

    Been a great service with very communicative employees.

  9. Jamaal Carlson

    Email problems are a thing of the past! In an international email world, EmailXender is a must-have.

  10. Usmaan Britton

    EmailXender is an affordable, easy, convenient way to send out a large number of emails when your email provider only allows a small amount of emails sent per month. Perfect for our small or big business!

  11. Cian Davies

    I love this service by EmailXender. We were looking for a way to ensure that our emails reached their recipients, and our ISP mailer was increasingly being blocked. EmailXender has really helped increase delivery, and it was easy to set up, too. I highly recommend it.

  12. Kalvin Flynn

    It is an excellent service for sending your emails. All mails are delivered. In case of problems , customer support usually responds within 20 minutes.

  13. Marcus Gregory

    I use EmailXender to manage my emails to my subscribers. The service is reliable and has helped me monitor and improve open rates and engagement while also cutting back on the amount of time and work needed to handle my lists. The cost is reasonable and the support team always has my back. Highly recommended!

  14. Sebastian Mohr

    I was looking for an affordable third party email service to send out our daily emails. EmailXender was my first choice and I haven’t been disappointed. Quick replies on all technical questions as well.

  15. Adem Lozano

    It’s the best EmailXender SMTP service I have come across. They are very professional, provide excellent reporting and customer service!

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