Basic SMTP Service

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$39.00 / month

Ideal for growing businesses

Up to 100.000 Contacts & 300.000 Emails/mo
The right package for marketers with a medium-sized company.

After the purchase you will receive the access data by email.

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Up to 100.000 Contacts & 300.000 Emails/mo

  • Friendly email designer
  • Basic Templates
  • Email template library
  • A/B testing
  • Send time optimization
  • Retargeting ads
  • Landing page builder
  • Page tracking
  • Custom Domains
  • Free business email
  • Free software bulk email sending
  • 10+ seats
  • Managed setup and priority support
  • Deticated IP adresse
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Priority sending
  • SMTP server secure SSL/TLS Settings
  • SSO (SAML)

After the purchase you will receive the access data by email.
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EmailXender Support Contact: [email protected]

18 reviews for Basic SMTP Service

  1. Derrick Chaney

    We have been dealing with EmailXender now for several months and the service they have supplied us with has been excellent. Their inbox placement has been far higher than than many other companies we have tried.

  2. Stewart Ponce

    I am very satisfied with this service.

  3. Justine Britt

    EmailXender is the most dependable and easiest email relay service I have ever used! They have many advanced email features and are great at security too. Stop looking for an email delivery service and go with EmailXender!!!

  4. Alessandro Tyler

    I was really excited after 10 minutes of being all set up and ready to go. Before reaching EmailXender I tried using my personal email adress, then my webhost professional mail servers, then mailgun and sendgrid which were all not working has I excepted it to.

  5. Edison Ramsey

    Excellent product – works as it should and the support is awesome!

  6. Rikki Boyd

    Fantastic support and they go out of their way to ensure that all your queries, issues, etc. are resolved. This is what support should be. Today, Dominique responded quickly and is going out of her way to address some queries that I have, and its nothing to do with the service, more to do with administrative stuff. Very refreshing indeed.

  7. Rickie Long

    I’ve had a good experience with EmailXender with our outgoing mail. Rarely do we run into issues, and if we do, their service has been quick to respond and help us out.

  8. Steven Stamp

    Excellent product. Works fantastic for remote sites! Very cost effective and easy to setup and very secure!

  9. Leon Drummond

    Not only because the costs are low, the quality is also good. A simple graphical user interface. When I have questions, I get an answer within a few hours. Reliable party and I will continue with them for a long time.

  10. Elmer Ward

    Love the services as EmailXender. Easy to use website, charts, data etc. Can easily see & filter recipients, dates, subject, and result (delivered, opened, bounced, processed. Etc.)

  11. Grover Holden

    Excellent company. Been with them for 2 years, will never leave.

  12. Luis Walton

    Excellent service – keep using.

  13. Brandan Salas

    After testing Sendgrid and SendinBlue, EmailXender was by far the best platform. On Sendgrid there was no support, on Sendinblue i couldn’t send to Hotmail. EmailXender worked directly and support is live.

  14. Evan York

    Great service for an affordable price. Also a great customer support!

  15. Cosmo Wright

    Great Reliable Service, Easy to configure. Never a problem. Thanks.

  16. Leo Cabrera

    Great Service. Very user friendly and very easy to setup. We have a couple of clients who use this service and I would recommend.

  17. Marius Orr

    I’ve been using EmailXender for over 1 year now. Found it to be excellent value for money. Its a very stable, and easy to configure service. For years it has helped us in our email woes. I highly recommend it.

  18. Louis Roberson

    Love the service. Works very well. The service is always available and easy to setup. Makes it possible to send scanned docs via email, with no issues.

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